Mongolian clubs in Sydney: Australian Country Women’s Association. (C.W.A.)

To: Mongolian clubs in Sydney
From: Australian Country Women’s Association. (C.W.A.)
Edna Fairley
1877 Pitwater Road
Bayview 2104

Tel: 61 2 9997 5038

I know that there are Mongolian clubs in Sydney but I am finding it impossible to contact them, except by facebook, which I do not wish to use. I found your contact details on the internet.

Some background on me. I am President of the Manly Branch, of The Australian Country Women’s Association. (C.W.A.)
Each year our association chooses a different country for all of us to study for interest and fun, this year it has been, and is Mongolia. You live in a very beautiful part of the world,
We work hard to raise money to help women and children throughout the country but leaning more toward the ‘outback’ people in need.
Our Manly Branch has organised a Mongolian luncheon (on the 16th of September 2016) in a beautiful setting as a fund raiser, and we have 80 people booked.
Peter Hay Sloane the former Australian Consul General for Mongolia is speaking about Mongolia and the present Consul General, Dr Nigel Finch and his wife are coming along too. Provided that he is not called away at the last minute. I have attached a copy of our invitation for you look at.

We would love to have some representation from our Mongolian people/communities here in Sydney. We cannot be friends if we cannot meet in some way.
If you could help get some of the Mongolian people to contact me as soon as possible we would be very grateful.

We hope all is well with you and your family, with warmest wishes, Edna Fairley


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