Enkhtsetseg – Mongolia

Coming to Australia for the first time, I had fears about living in Australia. How would I find accommodation, deal with financial issues, the weather, security and cultural difference. Australia is so far away from Mongolia – I wasn’t sure how I would fit in and adapt.

However, after I arrived I soon realized that Australia is a place where anyone can easily overcome the challenges of being an international student.

Australians are extremely open and easy-going. Australians like to say ”take it easy, make it easy” and “enjoy the moment”. These expressions inspired me throughout my time in Australia to enjoy and complete my studies successfully.

The university campus environment is well considered and designed to allow students to focus on studying successfully. The Australian education system is especially well set up to develop students’ independent analytical and critical thinking skills through various means of teaching methods including brainstorming.

Many classes are optional with textbooks and course materials all online. This makes study choices easier for students with greater flexibility. Studying and living in Australia was also a great contribution and investment for my family members in improving their knowledge of English.



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