Postgraduate Scholarship of CQU uni Australia 2016


CQUniversity Australia

Postgraduate Development Scholarship for T1 2016

We are excited to announce the launch of a new postgraduate CQUniversity Australia Development Scholarship for onshore students enrolling in T1 2016. Students who are eligible as per below will receive a scholarship which is 20% reduction in fees.

Postgraduate Eligibility Criteria

Achieved 65% average in previous studies
Students are applying onshore or through an onshore agent

The postgraduate Development Scholarship works in the same way as our prestigious CQUniversity Australia Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship where the student has the opportunity of receiving 20% off their tuition fees for the duration of their studies, if they maintain a 5.5 GPA average.

Please note if you have any offer holders for T1 2016 who will meet the postgraduate CQUniversity Development Scholarship eligibility criteria as per above, please inform your friendly CQUniversity Recruitment team who will look into this for you and your student.

This does not replace the CQUniversity Australia Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship and students are not eligible to hold both scholarships.

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