Education industry visitors to Mongolia can stay free in Ulaanbaatar accommodation through Gegeen Blue Water

International Education industry ppl can claim a huge discount or can stay free in accommodations in Mongolia when visiting

Apartments for rent in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
If its for expats then english ads available:

Daily rates are $29-49 per day & negotiable.

1. Apartment with 2-3 generous rooms with a separate big kitchen with dining area available, 68,2 m sq in Chingeltei district, beside Naiman Sharga center for $450-650 monthly. 7 min walk to State Department store. Clean, warm, fully furnished, unlimited wifi internet, International TV channels and a very good location. Daily rates are from $39 per night. Other locations available. Room sizes are far bigger than standard hotel rooms for sure. Check out photos


ЧД Хотын төв Найман шаргын хажууд 3-р байранд 68,2 мкв талбайтай, цэвэрхэн, дулаахан, наран талдаа цонхтой, байршил сайтай, бүрэн тавилгатай 2-3 өрөө байр түрээслүүлнэ. Wifi unlimited-н холболттой, гаднах орчин, СӨХ-н үйлчилгээ маш сайн. Түрээсийн төлбөр $650 nego

2. Studio apartment Next to Chingis Hotel & Sky shopping mall, prime location A zone & city central. From $29 per day.


3. Apartment for rent available with 3 rooms, 100 m sq in Khan-Uul district, in front of Management academy, apartment #43 for $650-$850 monthly. Clean, warm, with 2 WCs, comfortable, cozy & sunny bedrooms. Fully furnished. Has univision TV connection with many international channels, in a good environment with good security. Daily rates are from $49 per day. Close to Orgil supermarket.


ХУД, Удирдлагын академийн урд 54а байранд 100 мкв талбайтай,наран талдаа харсан цонхтой, цэвэрхэн, дулаахан,2 WC-тэй, тохилог бүрэн тавилгатай 3 өрөө байр түрээслүүлнэ.UNIVISION-н холболттой, СӨХ-н үйлчилгээ, харуул хамгаалалт, гадна тохижилт сайтай. Түрээсийн төлбөр $650-850.

More options available.

Photos available in demand. Sms only 976-95110673, 976-99110673. Call: 98321673, 99207936, 70007936

Have a nice stay in beautiful Mongolia.


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