Tax return, Registered tax accountant’s service available

* Registered tax accountant’s tax return Requires the following information and documents:

i) the authorization form which need to filled up the relevant part and signed at the bottom of the form.
Must be filled up the part of the authorization form are Name, Date of birth, Address, Mobile number, email number, Tax file number, residency status/visa status (PR or Int Student) and signature.
For rest of the information kindly filled up the part is relevant for the tax payer.

ii) The tax payer’s group certificates

iii) Bank details… first pays of the tax payer’s bank statement which will indicate the BSB & Account number of the tax payer. Any period’s Bank statement will do which will show the BSB and Account number of the tax payer.

iii) copy of any sort of photo ID of the Tax payer.

Contact: gegeen

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