ACU 50% scholarship for International students

Date: 4 March 2015 5:33:01 pm AEDT
Subject: Applications for the International Student Scholarship (ISS) are now open – don’t miss out. Reply-To:

If you are unable to see the message below, click here to view. The International Student Scholarship (ISS)
don’t miss out!

Australian Catholic University
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The International Student Scholarship (ISS) – don’t miss out.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to receive ACU’s International Student Scholarship (ISS).

Applications for the ISS (Semester 2) are open from the 1st to the 31th of March.
You must hold a letter of offer from ACU before you can apply for the scholarship.

As it may take 2-3 weeks for ACU program applications to be processed, we strongly recommend applications be submitted as soon as possible to obtain a letter of offer before the end of March.

ACU offers the ISS to up to 20 international students starting undergraduate or postgraduate courses each year.

These scholarships cover 50% of the recipients’ full-time tuition fees.
ACU also offers full tuition scholarships for up to two international students starting research degrees each year.

These scholarships are awarded to students who can demonstrate academic excellence, including an average result of at least 80% in their prior studies.

To be eligible for the ISS, you must:
• be an international student from a country other than Australia or New Zealand
• hold an offer for a place in an undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD program at ACU
• be willing to enrol at ACU as a full-time student upon accepting the scholarship. You must be enrolled full time to continue receiving the scholarship. • not have received another scholarship or award
• not be an ACU Study Abroad or Exchange student.

For full details and requirements, please visit our website:

“Being able to support yourself comfortably while you study at ACU will allow you to focus on and achieve academic success.”



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