Morin khuur (морин хуур) in Australia

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I am a passionate admirer of the Morin khuur. I was first introduced to this instrument when I was living in China. Over the last one and a half years I have been taking classes to learn this instrument. It has been an amazing experience as through my studies I have made Mongolian friends who have introduced me to Mongolian culture.

Recently I returned to live in Australia. Since returning to Australia I have been searching for any individuals or groups of people living in Australia who play or have an interest in the Morin khuur. After much searching I have not been able to find any information.

I decided to contact you in the hope that through your connections with the Mongolian community, that you might know of people in Australia that play the Morin khuur. Ultimately, I hope to find someone that can perhaps teach me or provide me with some guidance so that I can continue my studies of this instrument. In addition, I would love to know about any Mongolian cultural events/performances which might be held here in Australia. I am not sure how such events are usually anounced/promoted but if there is some kind of mailing list, I would love to be included.

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Call buhu- 0433454071, the owner of & the morin khuur teacher in Sydney Australia