Sydney Opera House-n dergedeh bair tureesleh buyu tavilga unegui taraaya

Sydney Opera House-n dergedeh luxury undur zeregleliin 1BD buyu 2 oroo bairiig yaraltai tureesleh esvel tavilga unegui avah ulsuud ene doloo honogt holbogdono uu

Sydney Opera House 5 star penthouse 1BD apartment for rent $600pw. Enquiries to, 0410063125 by today.

Blue Water Accommodation & Study Service Pty Ltd


For the future of Community and Youth

Proudly supported by Gegeen team:

Gegeen: 976-75750965, 98321673
Visa: 976-9920 7936, 88077936
Sydney: 61+410 063 125, +61-407353505 RSS

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