Cheapest English Courses in Sydney-3720$ per year

Cheapest English Courses in Sydney:
SIEC is the cheapest by starting from 155$ pw with no enrolment fee. Total of 3720$ for 6 months. So you can come for a 1 year course by depositing only that 6 months tuition.CASS is the quality one, costing 180$ pw with evening and morning classes, so timetable is quite flexible if your brother wishes to work while studying. The charge 200$ for enrolment fee and 150$ for material fee on top of the tuition.

SBTA is quality but cheap one costs 160$ pw, but no evening classes and charge 200$ for poor attendance or coming late to the school.

Usually those prices are for the students, coming through our Agency, a kind of a promotion or a discounted price. On a school website, it says at least 350$ pw. So drop your enquiry to or . Good Luck

Whatever type of study you are considering, you need accurate and easy-to-use information to make an informed decision. Our team at Blue Water Study Service has extensive experience working in international education. We have a great amount of knowledge, expertise and networks to help you make your…

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