Sydneyd 1-3BD bair, tavilga, huuhdiin heregsel haij bn

Oiriin hugatsaand Sydneyd bair (studio, 1BD, 2BD, 3BD bj bolno), tavilga, huuhdiin heregsel haij bn. butsah gej bga, nuuh gej bgaa, huuhed ni tomrood jijig huuhdiin yumaa hereglehee bolison, hadgalj yavdag ulsuud holboo barina uu. une tohiroltson hudaldaj avna. sain setgeleer tuslamjiin garaa sungah ulsuud welcome.

Sydney Mongol Community:
Money Transfer, Finance, Information:
New Community Domain:

———————————– – iishee orood dor dor ni (Individual Emails) email avahguigeer, odriin toim (Daily digest) avdagaar tohiruulj bolno. esvel ogt email avahguigeer (Special Notes, Web Only) songoj bas bolno. – You can change your email receiving options to (Individual Emails) for urgent news and up-to-date response to your questions or (Daily digest) for getting the email-set once a day or (Special Notes, Web Only) for not receiving the group emails, but being registered to use the other group functions such as files, polls and group photos.


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