Mongolian performer at Sydney Opera House

Bukhu ABC radio-d bichleg hiilgesen. GEHDEE ENE ch bas yu ch bish shw. musicdeli/ stories/2010/ 2920483.htm
http://alimaa. wordpress. com/2010/ 06/13/bukhuu- on-abc-radio- nationa/

Odoo 7 sariin 3-nd SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE-d togloh gej baigaa gsn bh. 18aud gesen shw. Oroi 6pm-s gesen baihaa. Sydney mglchuud ochij demjeerei!

Utas ni 0433454071

http://bukhu. wordpress. com

Contact Bukhu

Welcoming all Festival or Event Organizers, Music and Art Industry people in Australia to offer very unique melody, music instruments and weird singing that you’ve never heard of. ENJOY!

AU Mob: 61-433 454 071 (3G)
MN Mob: 976-98782790 (G-mob)
Email: buhu4249@yahoo. com
http://bukhu. wordpress. com

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For the future of Community and Mongolian youth

Proudly supported by Gegeen team:

Visa: 976-99207936

Sydney: 61+410 063 125
English Club: 976-88110965
G-Mobile #: 976+98760965
http://www.gegeen. com RSS
gegeen@gegeen. com
gegeen@yahoo. com

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Bukhuu on ABC Radio Nationa

Alimaa | 13/06/2010 at 9:24 AM | Categories: Duriin Sedev | URL: pq9la-4i

Xichneen Ozzie  utasdaj xelevee. Morin xuur radiogoor yavjeene geed musicdeli/ stories/2010/ 2920483.htm Chi shuu Bukhuu, chinii araas byad bugd shuu

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