500 biz card+holder for 5aud

mglausNSW: 500 biz card+holder for 5aud

Gegeen Pty Ltd <gegeen@yahoo.com> 

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To: mglaus@yahoogroups.com
Cc: mglausNSW@yahoogroups.com

margaash hurtel 500 neriin huudas, neriin huudasnii hairtsagtaigaa niileed 5aud-n special zarlasan baishw. 500 business cards printing is normally 50aud, card holder ni 12aud yum bn. zovhon margaash hurtel 5aud-r zarj bgaam bn. orj zahiallaa..http://www.vistapri nt.com.au/ coupon2010

Thank you for being a part of
Mongolian eCommunity in Australia, NSW
(Sydney, Wollongong, Coffs Harbour, New Castle)Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mglausNSW

Web: http://www.mglaus.com
<b>SNS’: http://mglaus.ning.com</b>
Blog: http://www.gegeen.com
eShop: http://au.mongolianbooks.com
Cargo: http://www.mozforyou.com
Edu: http://www.erdemagency.com.au
Tour: http://www.exploremongolia.com.au
Sydney Mongol Community: http://www.mongoliansinaustralia.com
Money Transfer, Finance, Information: http://gegeen.wordpress.com/about-us/
New Community Domain: http://www.mongol.org.au
Embassy: http://www.mongolianembassy.org.au
Consulate: http://www.mongolianconsulate.com.au

Email: mglausNSW@yahoogroups.com
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mglausNSW/join – iishee orood dor dor ni (Individual Emails) email avahguigeer, odriin toim (Daily digest) avdagaar tohiruulj bolno. esvel ogt email avahguigeer (Special Notes, Web Only) songoj bas bolno.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mglausNSW/join – You can change your email receiving options to (Individual Emails) for urgent news and up-to-date response to your questions or (Daily digest) for getting the email-set once a day or (Special Notes, Web Only) for not receiving the group emails, but being registered to use the other group functions such as files, polls and group photos.




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