Mongolian Student Association at ANU

Mongolian Student Association at ANU
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An association for Mongols and students interested in Mongolia to come together and promote networking, friendship and cultural understanding. The MoSA (Mongolian Student Association) will also strive on behalf of its members to present issues of common concern and seek support from the ANU as well as ANUSA. A number of activities are planned for 2010.

The MoSA at ANU was established on November 22, 2009, in Canberra, Australia.

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Closed: Limited public content. Members can see all content.
Canberra, Australia
A welcoming BBQ for new students and members to MoSA was held on 16 January 2009.


3 Responses to “Mongolian Student Association at ANU”

  1. Erica Lin Says:


    My name is Erica Lin and I live in Melbourne. I came accross your association through online search.

    I have sponsored a 4 year old child named Sodbayar in Mongolia and every month or so I sent a little gift to him. I have been thinking of sending him some books to read but it’s meaningless if there is no translation. I thought I could use the free translation tool on the internet and it would be a brillant idea. After some research did I realise that my idea is unrealistic, as I could not find such translation stools.

    I am hoping that perhaps someone from your association is kind enough to help me with some simple translations which my aim is to encourage Sodbayar to read books.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

    Erica Lin

  2. Says:

    Re Erica:

    It sounds wonderful and we r very delighted to hear about your interest in Mglian language to find someone for language exchange.

    Mongolian language tutor, online resources:

    http://www.transpar pages/mongolian/ mongolian. htm
    http://tbg.torama. ru/
    http://www.lmp. Search.aspx? doBasicSearch= true
    http://www.websters -online-dictiona n/Mongolian- english/
    http://www.dicts. info/ud.php? l1=Mongolian&l2=English
    http://openmn. org/index. php?pageId= 22

  3. Says:

    Tungaa Yuki: sain bn uu gegeenee,
    Tungaa Yuki: Deerh postiig uzlee,
    gegeen: sn
    gegeen: ali
    Tungaa Yuki: Mlb lady helping mongolian boy
    Tungaa Yuki: if it wont take much time, maybe i can help her with the translation
    gegeen: send me your details, i can forward to erica
    Tungaa Yuki: ID: k Tungaa
    Tungaa Yuki: esul bt ch bsn bolno
    gegeen: e… ru holbogdooroi. cheers

    Tungaa Yuki: tnx a lot

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