FROM: mglausNSW-Tsagaan sariin ajillagaanii orchuulga | mglaus-Tsagaan sariin ajillagaanii orchuulga

2 chuhal arga hemjee zohiogdoh yum baina.

* 1-r ajillagaa. Yu: Sagsnii temtseen
Hezee: Ene Buten saind – 22 February 2009, 12:30pm -14:30pm
Haana: Peter Forsythe Auditorium, Glebe-n Francis bolon Franklyn Street-n buland
Yaj oloh: Parramatta Rd -r yavj baigaad Glebe Point Rd-r ergenguut ehnii taaraldah buland yum baina. http://www.google.com -n maps ongoor yalgaad bas ih dajgui sh dee. Ih budeg zurag havsargasan baina.
Daraa ni: Herev tsag agaar taatai baival sagsnii daraa Victoria Park ruu alhaad, oorsdiin avchirsan odriin hooloo idye genee.
Yu avchrah: Oorsdiin idej, uuh yumaa avchir gej baina.

* 2-r ajillagaa. Yu: Australia Ulsad suukh Mongol elchin said Ts.Jambaldorj-toi hiih uulzalt
Hezee: Daraagiin Hagas saind – 28 February 2009, 18:30pm
Haana: 303 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000 – Sumiya and Sanjidiin hoolnii gazart
Yaj oloh: (map: www.whereis.com.au Town Hall Station &  Sydney Tower-n hajuud)

Niitiin teever: http://www.131500.info/realtime/default.asp

Yu yarigdah: Mongol Australia-n hamtiin ajillagaanii tsaashdiin hogjil bolon Elchingiin hiih ajliin tolovlogoonii talaar bogino hemjeenii iltgel
Urialga: Sydney-d baigaa bolon Sydney-d ireh buh Mongolchuudiig oroin hoolond irj, Elchin saidiigaa yu yarihiig ni sonsooroi genee.

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: “bilgunb@yahoo. com.au” <bilgunb@yahoo. com.au>
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 8:58:39 PM
Subject: Fw: Tsaagan Sar

— On Thu, 19/2/09, Mongolian Consulate-General Sydney <monconoz@ozemail. com.au> wrote:

From: Mongolian Consulate-General Sydney <monconoz@ozemail. com..au>
Subject: Tsaagan Sar
Received: Thursday, 19 February, 2009, 5:04 PM

Dear Sydney Mongolians,

Greetings for Tsaagan Sar 2009, Year of the Ox.  The Consulate is
planning two events this year.

Basketball Day  Sunday 22 February

There will be a round-robin basketball competition next Sunday 22
February between 12:30 and 14:30.  It will be at the Peter Forsythe
Auditorium, on the corner of Francis and Franklyn Sts Glebe.  This
is just off Glebe Point Rd and is the first corner after you turn off
Parramatta Rd.  Please be on time as we only have two hours of
play.  If the weather is fine we can walk from the basketball venue
to Victoria Park, just across Parramatta Rd and have a picnic
lunch.  Bring your own food and drinks.

Meet the Ambassador Saturday 28 February

The new Mongolian Ambassador Jambaldorj and Mrs Dulamsuren will be in
Sydney the next weekend.  We have asked them to come and meet the
Mongolian community at Sumiya and Nanjid’s restaurant A la Turka, in Pitt
St at 6:30pm on Saturday 28 February.  During the evening the
Ambassador will make a short presentation outlining the plans for the
Embassy and the further development of Mongolia-Australia
relations.  PLease all come and make them welcome in Sydney, have
dinner and hear what the Ambassador has to say.

See you all on Sunday




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